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Carrabba Conservation, Inc. is located in Austin, Texas and operates on an appointment basis. 

We provide conservation treatment for fine art, maps, and archives on paper. We do not authenticate, appraise, date, or attribute historic or artistic works. We work closely with third party companies that provide new framing and digital scanning.

To initiate a conservation project please email a description of your item and attach digital images of the piece(s) front and back.

Our office is open for appointments Monday through Thursday.


Appointment Fee: $85

A one-on-one appointment with our senior conservator to discuss the current condition of your piece, potential threats, and solutions to any problems. We can discuss the best options for treatment and consider proper post-treatment care to extend the life of your piece.

Examination and report fee: $185

If you choose to proceed with treatment after your appointment, you may leave your piece at Carrabba Conservation and we will formulate a treatment proposal. A condition report, including digital images and recommended steps for treatment, will be sent to you after a careful examination by our team of trained professionals.  The report includes an estimate for costs. This service is billable if treatment is declined.

Please note: We only provide conservation for paper artifacts. We do not work on photographs, books, oil paintings, crayon portraits, three-dimensional objects, or any artifacts which have a material other than paper as their primary support. To find other conservators to assist with these items, please visit the Harry Ransom Center’s Private Conservator’s Directory:

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